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About holding

Ugra Timber Holding (UTH) is a leader at Russian timber and engineered wood markets. Among its prime goals, UTH sees establishment of a united and powerful timber industry in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region, represented with efficient production and distribution of wood products.

The Holding activities cover the full production cycle: harvesting, carriage, sawing and processing of wood, and transportation of finished products.

UTH products meet the most recent global standards. Special attention is paid to high quality of the materials, impeccable packing, and convenient and speedy product delivery to any place in the world.

The scope of Holding activities:

  • harvesting operations;
  • saw mills;
  • wood processing;
  • construction materials production and distribution;
  • freight carriage.

The Holding operates under the aegis of the "Regional Programme of Timber Industry Development and Reorganization" with direct support of the regional government.

The local administration, as a coordinator of investment projects, follows the strategy of favourable conditions provision for high technology production development in the timber sector ensuring economic growth of the industry.

Today, Ugra Timber Holding is actively enlarging its output and expanding distribution markets. We are proud of our planned performance, its rate growth, as well as effective use of the resources.

Adherence to the principles of high quality production of sawn goods manufactured at modern S.A.B. equipment together with rational use of the material during crosscut and sawing processes have ensured positive production results. Monthly output of high quality sawn goods (GOST 26002-83) constitutes about 18000 m3.

One of the Holding member companies is the single in Russia LVL plant "LVL-Ugra". LVL (laminated Veneer Lumber) is widely used for construction purposes at the world scale due to its numerous advantages, such as broad size range, homogeneous structure, high strength, and pleasant appearance compared to sawn timber of the same wood species. Developing this sector of wood industry, another plant has recently started its operation specializing in construction applications of LVL.

Full production cycle management combined with striving for output increase allow UTH to maintain demand for its products and extend the sales map.

Engaged in the majority of regional investment projects connected with wood industry, Ugra Timber Holding is oriented towards cooperation with investors. Today, in the framework of joint enterprises establishment, there have been signed agreements for construction of a particleboard mill and a resin production plant.

We see our further development in, first of all, maximum efficient use of wood resources of the region and creation of integrated production facilities for manufacturing of wood products with high added value.


About holding

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