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Ugra Timber Holding was established with the objective of accumulation of major investment projects to be implemented in the timber sector of Khanty-Mansiysk regional industry.

Investment policy of the Holding focuses on technical re-equipment and modernization of existing production facilities and development of a corporate management and production structure performing the full production cycle: from sawing activities and engineered wood production to finished product delivery to customers.

UTH initiates use of modern technologies, launches new industrial facilities with the direct support of the regional administration, which performs the functions of an investment projects coordinator. In 2002, there was issued the Regional Programme of Timber Industry Development and Reorganization, which is currently being introduced with a great success.

Implementing investment projects of the Regional programme, Ugra Timber Holding aims to extension of partnership relations with the investors. At the present moment, construction of a particleboard mill is being performed. Also, a programme of resin production plant construction has been launched recently.

Investment attractiveness of Khanty-Mansiysk timber industry is ensured by the following factors:

  • Leadership in production and financial performance compared to other regions of Russia;
  • Highly rich forest resources of the region constitutes 48931,2 thousand ha);
  • Systematic approach to high technologies introduction into regional wood processing industry; active governmental support of innovative projects in this field.

Adherence to cutting-edge standards of products and services is the key to stability of UTH businesses and perspectiveness of industrial development in the region.

Ugra Timber Holding is open for cooperation with companies investing into timber industry innovative projects and specializing in product marketing at local and international levels.


Investor info

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