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LVL-Ugra JSC is the single producer of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) in CIS countries.

The plant was commissioned in 2003, and today it is in the process of reaching the design capacity (39000 m3/ year). LVL-Ugra operates with steady performance growth: in 2004 the output constituted 7897,05 m3, and the gain in production compared to the level of 2003 came up to 7336,39 m3 or 1409%. By the end of 2005, the output is expected to increase by 180-200%.

LVL-Ugra production facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technological equipment RAUTE ( Finland ). Development strategy of the Company involves production volumes growth, net cost reduction combined with product properties improvement, and further extension of the sales map.

All the stages of LVL production process, starting with selection of the best raw materials from Siberian pine forests and finishing with delivery to customers, are carefully controlled by the mills staff. An accredited laboratory, operating at the mill, performs production control at several stages of the process, which ensures stability of finished product characteristics and facilitates designers and builders work. In the framework of product certification for conformity with EU standards, professional inspections regularly take place at the plant in order to check up product compliance with performance specification. Also, the products are subject to expertise by independent companies accredited for such kind of services at European and American construction markets. The strictest requirements are imposed on LVL strength properties in all countries. LVL is used in bearing structures, and their strength and safety directly depend on the material characteristics. LVL-Ugra has all necessary international licenses and certificates, confirming stability of produced LVL beams properties; their list is constantly expanding.

The next logical step on the way towards market development became establishment of LVL-Stroyproekt Ltd. on the basis of the plant. The scope of LVL-Stroyproekt activities includes: design and production of ready-cut timber structures and buildings.

Alongside with high tech practices, LVL-Ugra keeps introducing innovative concepts, thus improving LVL beam quality and widening its application range. LVL-Ugra products are in increasing demand at the world construction market thanks to their properties meeting requirements of corresponding international standards, as well as high quality packing, convenient and quick delivery.



Member companies

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