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Ugra Timber Holding (UTH) is a leader at Russian timber and engineered wood markets. Among its prime goals, UTH sees establishment of a united and powerful timber industry in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region, represented with efficient production and distribution of wood products. Read more >>>

LLC "Ugra Saw Mills"

LLC "Ugra Saw Mills" is one of the largest forestry enterprises and saw mills in Russia. Read more >>>

JSC "LVL-Ugra"

JSC "LVL-Ugra" is the single in Russia and CIS countries producer of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber). Read more >>>

LLC "LVL-Stroyproekt"

LLC "LVL-Storyproekt" JSC was established in 2005, on the bases of “LVL-Ugra” mill, for production of frame buildings as the most efficient application of LVL. Read more >>>

LLC "UgraTrancService"

UgraTransService - is a large service centre specializing on complete service and capital technical repair of timber - cutting machines- VOLVO, PONSSE of different modifications and other special purpose vehicles. Read more >>>

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