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Ugra Timber Holding (UTH) was established under a decree of Ugra Government in the framework of the Regional programme of Khanty-Mansiysk timber industry reorganization directed towards arrangement of a union of plants operating in the territory of the region and development of a large industrial alliance capable to operate efficiently in modern economic environment.

UTH innovation policy consists in development of modern manufacturing complex, which would perform full production cycle, from logging activities to engineered wood production, and offer products that answer the highest standards.

In 1999-2004, new sawing facilities construction projects were implemented in the framework of a regional investment programme. In order to reduce product net cost and increase its quality, the mills were re-equipped (including grading, drying and stacking lines). A solution was found for wood waste management; chips and saw dust are now used as fuel at boilers Politechnic (Austria).

Today, Ugra Saw Mills products are manufactured at modern equipment of S.A.B. (Germany). Installation of Vanicek drying kilns has allowed to increase output of dry timber.

Introduction of innovative solutions is of current concern of logging sector as well. With the purpose of logging facilities modernization, short log treatment technologies are being introduced with use of VOLVO harvesters and Ponsse forwarders; this will ensure compliance with higher qualitative and quantitative standards.

In 2003, under a regional investment programme, the single in Russia and CIS countries LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) mill LVL-Ugra JSC was launched (39000 m3/ year). LVL-Ugra production facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technological equipment Raute (Finland). LVL production line is fully computerized. The mill has a quality control system, which is very important for structural materials production.

In order to introduce a closed cycle model, construction of Ugra-Plita a particleboard mill and a resin production plant has been started in the framework of a regional investment programme and under support of Khanty-Mansiysk Government. According to experts, organization of a closed cycle economic model by means of market products manufacturing can ensure total optimization of profit gaining in the timber industry.

Therefore, Ugra Timber Holding innovation policy is aimed at development of a profit generation center at Khanty-Mansiysk region by means of cutting-edge technologies introduction in the timber industry of the region.



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