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LLC UgraTrancService

LLC UgraTrancService

UgraTransService - is a large service centre specializing on complete service and capital technical repair of timber-cutting machines - VOLVO, PONSSE of different modifications and other special purpose vehicles.

This enterprise provides off-site service, consulting and staff training; installs, repairs, provides technical support for foreign crane-manipulators such as Epsilon-Palfinger, Kesla Foresteri and Russian manufactures, too; arranges the delivery of highpressure hoses for any branch of industry; arranges the repair of trucks URAL, KAMAZ, KRAZ and makes delivery of spare parts, oils, lubricants and filters for import logging, road-building and other vehicles, supplies a service for shipping of goods, special purpose vehicles, metal working on turners and millers.

Ugra Timber Holding used high-level specialists for UgraTransService - who are able to make technical support and repair of Russian and Foreign mechanisms.



Member companies

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